The Nike Sky Jordan 1 PS ‘Shattered Backboard’ sneaker tells the story of when Michael Jordan shattered the hoop’s backboard during a 1985 exhibition game in Italy. Unveiled in September 2019, the sneaker is a throwback to his Stefanel uniform in black leather with white and ‘Starfish’ panels. Iconic Wings branding is debossed on the collar and strap, with Swooshes across the sides. A rubber cupsole adds a classic finish.


1.5Y/EUR33, 10C/EUR27, 11C/EUR28, 12.5C/EUR30, 12C/EUR29.5, 13C/EUR31, 1Y/EUR32, 2.5Y/EUR34, 2Y/EUR33.5, 3Y/EUR35, 4Y/EUR36, 6C/EUR22, 7.5C/EUR24, 7C/EUR23.5, 8C/EUR25, 9C/EUR26


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Sky Jordan 1 PS ‘Shattered Backboard’ BQ7197-008
  • 1.5Y/EUR33
  • 10C/EUR27
  • 11C/EUR28
  • 12.5C/EUR30
  • 12C/EUR29.5
  • 13C/EUR31
  • 1Y/EUR32
  • 2.5Y/EUR34
  • 2Y/EUR33.5
  • 3Y/EUR35
  • 4Y/EUR36
  • 6C/EUR22
  • 7.5C/EUR24
  • 7C/EUR23.5
  • 8C/EUR25
  • 9C/EUR26
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